Care Partner is a functionally rich application tracking all aspects of the patient journey

Work List

Use the Care Partner Work List to manage the patients you work with on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, you can view the patients you have access to in a particular centre of care.


With new Alarm functionality, Care Partner gives you the ability to label upcoming events so you don't miss them. Alarms are visible in the Summary screen and in the Notifications screen for every patient.

Answer History

Care Partner presents a visual graph of answer history that enables you to view the progress of a specific area, identify trends and monitor how patients’ needs change over time.


The Care Partner calendar has been developed to provide evidence of meaningful activity for an individual. Here, you can schedule events and record attendance details.

Care Plans

Care Partner has made the process of Care Planning and Reviews so straightforward.

Simply associate a goal to one or more needs, optionally add a contact record, and then review the Care Plan. Needs can be reassessed if they have changed.


Finally, say hello to Bubba the panda.

Bubba is Care Partner's mascot and is loved by us all. If you would like more information on Care Partner or Bubba himself please contact us at